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Blog Profits $ 64.86/day      STEP 2. Set Up Your Blog     STEP 3. Learn WordPress   STEP 4. Monetize Your Blog

STEP 1 a): Define Your Blog’s Niche and Purpose

Starting a blog is actually super easy and you don’t need to be technical or a web developer to make it happen.

Here’s the first step starting your website:

Choose your niche by deciding what your blog is going to be about.

Choosing your Niche

“I want my blog to…”

                     ⇒Provide information on a subject I’m knowledgeable about.

                     ⇒Entertain people with witty commentary, reviews, and tutorials.

                     ⇒Sell my amazing product or service to the people that need it most.

                    ⇒Build my brand & promote my business through content marketing.

b): Choose a Domain Name, Blogging Platform and Host

For Beginners Looking to Start their Own Blog, I Highly Recommend Going with WordPress

Without question, it’s the most simple platform I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. It’s also flexible   and easil  customizable that almost everyone from small business owners, and bloggers, all the way to professionals  and freelancers, can’t stop raving about WordPress.

 You can get your hands on the WordPress platform itself for free, however, a hosting provider and a domain name  will cost between $4 – $5 a month. Don’t worry – I’m going to show you how to get a domain name for free and your  hosting at a discounted rate.

                                         Your morning coffee will end up being more expensive than your website.

 Not to mention, I built on WordPress too.

I’ve always put my sole trust in as my main web hosting and domain provider for my personal and client web development projects. I’ve tried every hosting service out there, and no one was as reliable as Bluehost.

Their website hosting service costs less than a gallon of milk ($3.50/mo) and they will give you a domain name for FREE (saving you $10/yr).

Step 2. You Can Setup Your Blog with WordPress / Blogger / Weebly.

But I will prefer WordPress because it is easy to customise , easy to handle with then help  of Plugins .Now the Question is How to setup a Blog  .

Follow me Step by Step :–

    Here’s the EASY Step-by-Step Process to Starting a Blog

    To Search For Your Domain Name   

      Click Here And Follow The Directions

2 . After taking Domain Name and Hosting

Now the Question is how to install wordpress on your domain , Log in on your account and enter your login details :

log in panel bhuehost

         Click on WordPress Icon from your account

bluehost cpanel

            Click on start icon for installing wordpress 

install wordpress bluehost on your domain

       Select your Domain and install on your Selected Domain

wordpress install

wordpress bluehost login

Step 3. Essential WordPress Blog Setting After Installing WordPress on Your Domain

First Thing you do ,You need a Default setting or You Can say that Setting for you Pre SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) Purpose .

If You Can do these Setting then you will never Face any Seo Issue for Your WordPress Blog in Future .

Make Sure You have a WordPress Blog , If not then You can take a Domain Name & Hosting Plan First

                           To Search For Your Domain Name   

                        Click Here And Follow The Directions

If You have installed a wordpress on your Hosting Server then your next step is to select a Proper theme or you can say that High Paying Adsense Theme . There are so many  Free wordpress themes , You can check the list of free wordpress themes Click here .

Those Learner or Upcoming Earner whose moto is very clear to earn high CPC OR CPM Rates through their WordPress Blog .

Here are the list of paid WordPress themes these wordpress themes are generating High Revenue .

You can check the Price of these wordpress themes

  1. Shafia – Click here
  2. Today – Click here
  3.  Tech Life – Clcik here

You are the Readers of , You Can take these Themes Free of Cost , Yes Its Free !!


Now get your Free wordpress theme

 Step 4.    How to Montize your Blog   

15 Different Ways To Monetize :-monetize website

Method 1. Adsense

I mention Adsense initial as a result of it’s one in every of the known advertisers on the web like wiseas being a decent supply of financial gain for any web site or journal. The method that this financial gain stream works is that you just place some Adsense adverts on your website so whenever one in every of your guests clicks on one in every of those adverts then you get a payment from Google into your Adsense account .

Method 2. Affiliate Marketing  

With this kind of advertising, you’ll get a commission with each sale that resulted from your recommendation. You refer viewers from your web site via recommendations, banner ads, text link ads, etc., that takes them to the merchandise page. If they get, then you get a commission. usually|this can be} often discovered on a share of the sale value, perhaps 10-20%, generally a lot of (I’ve seen merchandise provide seventy fifth commission) reckoning on the individual product.
List of Affiliate Marketing Netrork in India .

  • Vcommission
  • Opicle – omg india
  • Optimise
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Clickzoot
  • Tyroo
  • Ibibo
  • Aduncle
  • Icubewire
  • Cuelinks

List of Affiliate Marketing Network Outside India

I Think You have a Domain Name  & Hosting , If not then Take a Domain Name First Before Starting Affiliate Marketing .

                       To Search For Your Domain Name   

                        Click Here And Follow The Directions

Method 3. Email List Building 


Email promoting will generate you plenty of cash. The secret is to make an out sized email list of your customers/visitors. once individuals register to become a member, you get their email address. once individuals sign on to your weekly news sheet, you get their email address. The additional ways that there are to induce someone’s email address the higher.
With associate degree email list, you’ll be able to build a whole, suggest merchandise, promote any events/workshops that you simply is also holding and additional significantly to will encourage individuals to stay returning to your web site.
Email promoting isn’t an instantaneous method of constructing cash, however it’s a strong method of skyrocketing your financial gain from your different strategies by driving traffic back to your web site. simply don’t go overboard with emails in order that they’re viewed as spam! no one likes spam!
Check out this list of package to assist manage your email newsletters:

  • AWeber
  • PopUp Domination
  • Mailchimp

Methods 5. InText Ads

text ads

Very almost like the higher than text link ads, ‘In-text ads’ square measure adverts that square measure placed within your text content like articles or journal posts. you’ll be able to sign on to associate In-text advertising supplier that may place sponsored links at intervals your text. These square measure double underlined to form them stand out from different links, in order that once a user moves the mouse over one amongst them a tiny low advertising pop-up can seem. The user will then decide if they require to click on that, which can cause you to a tiny low quantity of cash.
These sorts of ads square measure a little additional obvious than the previous sort, which might place some individuals off. If used properly, they will be a decent thanks to legitimise your journal.

Method 6.Write a Hardback Book
Method 7. Write Tutorials & Guides
Methods 8. Live Workshops
Methods 9. Be a Consultant
Methods 10. Selling Services (Hire Me)
Methods 11.  Membership Site
Methods 12.  Private Forums
Methods 13. Paid Directory Listings
Methods 14.  Job Boards
Methods 15. Advertising Space

If  You have any Query / Problem in any step , you can freely contact me  on my email Id – .
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